What We Can Do

Delphi Resources' business strategy functions at the link between business and technology. We develop our business processes with a technology-driven strategy to take advantage of the opportunities. Whether it's business strategy, technology strategy or operations strategy, we drive value, shape new businesses and design operating models for the future

Corporate Strategy

Companies today face an ever-changing landscape of macroeconomic realities, industry trends and internal challenges. Delphi's business & operating model services help you anticipate industry trends & create resilient and flexible business models to deliver the best strategic outcomes.

Sustainability Strategy

Delphi Resources is committed to helping forward-thinking organizations position sustainability as a key lever to long-term success and, ultimately, high performance. We help organizations leverage their assets and capabilities to drive innovation and profitable growth while striving for a positive economic, environmental and social impact.

Our research and experience suggest that a focus on sustainability not only promotes revenue growth, cost reductions, better risk management and a stronger brand, but also drives high performance.

As social and environmental concerns move from the periphery to the heart of business, organizations find themselves struggling to define and achieve their sustainability goals and, more broadly, integrate sustainability across the enterprise. What’s needed is a comprehensive strategy that moves beyond one-off initiatives to embedding sustainability across an organization.

Business Re-Engineering

Delphi Resources help organisations to fundamentally alter their business tactics and approach in response to major disruptions through a complete, business-driven re-engineering of how a company structures itself—and goes to market—to lower costs, improve performance and drive new levels of growth.Combining innovative strategies with technology know-how, we can help your business create flexible operations and improve business outcomes.

Resource Optimisation

Delphi Resources help clients provide an integrated set of business processes, tools and capabilities to change energy-consuming behaviors, reduce energy costs, improve supply predictability and reliability and manage associated risks.